chickenround2Caroline’s inspiration for her homemade Scottish gifts has grown from her love for Harris Tweed. She strives to create Scottish homeware gifts that are original and unique, of which no two are identical. Everything from her Chicken Doorstops to her Scottie Dogs are made from hand-cut Harris Tweed, and sewn and finished in rural East Lothian.

The depth and complexity of the Harris Tweed cloth is created as a result of the wool being dyed before it is spun, allowing a blend of colours in the yarn. The complex natural shades are inspired by the nature of the islands from which they come, from the blue hues of the sea and sky to the vibrant yellows of lichens and sunsets.
Harris Tweed is the only fabric in the world governed by its’ own act of parliament, which adds to its rare character and beauty. Every metre is woven by traditional methods, so it is fitting that Caroline’s products continue the journey of Harris Tweed from the loom to the shops by handmade methods only.
From traditional tartans to contemporary herringbones, you will find Caroline’s products available in a myriad of pattern designs and colours. The difficult decision is in choosing which one is for you!